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About Aligned People Strategies Inc.



Aligned People Strategies Inc. is a Human Resources Management Services firm that helps and empowers clients to:

  • develop people practices that are effective, sustainable, and aligned with their business
  • successfully manage their employee issues


Irene Lis, president of Aligned People Strategies Inc., brings to clients a background that includes:

  • an MBA and a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation 
  • 30+ years of extensive “hands on, real world” HR and management experience
  • a well-grounded business perspective at the corporate, operational, strategic, tactical levels
  • Canadian and US business experience, international experience, trilingualism
  • breadth in perspective, knowledge, skills and experience spanning from small start-ups/ entrepreneurs to mature multi-nationals in both “for profit” and “not for profit” environments
  • a passion for optimizing clients’ investment in their human capital to bridge the gap between their people’s efforts and their business’s performance.


Skilled as a strategist and implementer, advisor, facilitator, coach, and ombudsperson, Irene’s specialties include building HR functions “from scratch”, re-structuring, mergers and acquisitions, firefighting, trouble shooting, and keeping companies union free. 


At Aligned People Strategies Inc., we customize our services to meet each client’s unique needs.  We know that “one size does not fit all”, that every organization is at its own stage in evolution, that HR problems have a variety of solutions and what may be right for one organization would not necessarily meet the needs of another organization


For more information, contact us at 289-438-4503  or


Good people practices = great business practices

Successful employment relationship = successful business