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Human Resources and the Value of Good People Practices

What is Human Resources or "HR"?

Originally known as "Personnel", which was simply the administrative function that dealt with an organization’s employees, the role of HR has evolved to become a strategic function in an organization typically aiming to create a high performance culture.

While the day to day employee issues are still important to manage, the HR function develops strategies and tactics for the positive management of employees in order to align their efforts towards the achievement of an organization’s strategies and goals - a win-win equation for employees and employers.

Bottom line - HR is an investment in your business, in your organization’s greatest asset: your employees, and in your sanity- with significant positive returns


Getting the HR basics right IS a best practice for building a strong business

As an employer, you have the power to create an engaged workforce that is motivated to make your business successful or to simply have “hired hands” whose presence is strictly contractual. The difference in returns to your business is huge. Studies continue to show that Investing in good people practices provides greater returns than most investments in technology. Business success and employee productivity are positively correlated to an organization's people practices.

Good HR practices are very simple yet so powerful. Rewards include:

  • Successful achievement of organization’s goals, ex profitability, quality, etc.
  • Stronger, more effective leaders and managers
  • Greater employee performance, productivity, morale, satisfaction, engagement
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Greater attraction and retention of better employees; positive employer reputation
  • Decreased turnover and absenteeism
  • Decreased complaints/ lawsuits/ grievance / internal conflicts
  • Reduced theft/ integrity issues and lowered risk of unionization


Poor HR practices result in costly problems:

  • Business underperformance – whether or not you see it
  • Inconsistent management practices: too lenient (avoiding the tough people decisions) or too harsh
  • Assuming everyone knows business' direction, goals, their job
  • Absenteeism, injuries, turnover
  • Internal conflicts / lawsuits / grievances
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Productivity loss, overtime, theft
  • Employees who "quit and stay"
  • Constant and distracting employee issues that “won’t go away” - diminishing productivity
  • Unionization
  • Being unaware of impending dangers—e.g. looming liabilities, union threats
  • Non-compliance with legislation—illegal practices


Getting the HR basics right is a best business practice

Aligned People Strategies Inc is passionate about optimising clients’ investment in their human capital to bridge the gap between their people's efforts and their business’s performance.

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The Bad Leader is he who the people Despise.
The Good Leader is he who the people Praise.
The Great Leader is he who the people say "We did it ourselves"
Chinese Proverb