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Building Aligned and Sustainable People Practices

Top employers know that their competitive advantage lies in the power of their human capital - their employees - and they actively harness it and align it with their business’ direction. Aligning people practices with business strategy significantly contributes to employee engagement and produces multiple "win-win" results, such as:

  • Greater revenue creation
  • Greater productivity and profitability
  • Strong and caring leaders and managers
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Reputation as best place to work
  • High standards
  • Motivated and engaged employees
  • Greater attraction and retention of better employees
  • Less turnover, absenteeism, discontent

Good HR practices that are also aligned with your business bring synergy, energy, focus, purpose to an organization and are neither difficult nor expensive to achieve yet very expensive when lacking. To create sustainable and aligned HR practices, an organization should follow these principles:

  • "keep it simple"
  • do the right thing for your business
  • ensure that your people practices evolve as your business evolves


Key Human Resource ("HR") Practices

Your organization is unique in many ways. The type of employer that you are, your culture and values will all be reflected in your people practices and will influence the type of employees you attract and retain.

Where to begin will depend upon your needs. Often the best place to start is with Policies as these cover so many aspects of the employment relationship and will reflect the unique culture and values that you wish to create to drive your organization’s business plan. The following are essential HR practices:

  • Policies: the game rules that define the employment relationship and its parameters
  • Compensation & Benefits: define your total rewards to meet employer and employee needs
  • Management Training: an organization's greatest asset or weakest link
  • Employee training: building strength, succession, engagement
  • Performance Management key to tracking business performance, employee productivity
  • Staffing: critical process to get the right people for your business the right way
  • Communications: easy and effective way to engage employees
  • "Doing it right": respecting employment legislation is good risk management and good HR

As your organization evolves, your HR practices should too, so that they continue to support your organization's goals through engaged, focused, productive employees.


Are your people practices working for you or against you?

  • The cost of disengaged employees to a business' revenue, profits, productivity, reputation is steep.
  • Studies show that within companies 20% to 80% of employees are disengaged.
  • Can you afford to have 1 in 5 employees, or worse, 4 out of 5, "tune out" and under produce? What about the impact of only moderately engaged staff?
  • How engaged (motivated and committed) are your employees?

Aligned People Strategies Inc is passionate about empowering clients with effective HR practices for their business success.

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